Try us for a period without the usual discomfort and unrest!


Our innovative sanitary napkins meet the highest quality and safety standards. The product channels the power of natural ingredients for the sake of alleviating the pain, caused by your period! Be yourself every day, as always!

Sanitary Pads

Our sanitary napkin is the result of what you get when a team of entrepreneurs combines their 15 years of experience in the Femcare and Hemp business to develop an innovative product.

Perfect absorption performance

Our pads have perfect absorption performance with 100% pure cotton top sheet from Italy.

High quality ingredients

The ingredients we use are high grade, organic, non-GMO and fully certified for safety, produced in the USA.

Helps reduce skin irritation and inflammation

Our product is completely itch-free. You can use it 24/7 during your period, without having any discomfort.

Our sanitary pads are perfect for...


100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians – 0% animal products.


Perfect for those who keep an active lifestyle – keep on exercising with no interruption!

Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle

Perfect for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, free from any non-organic additives.


Our sanitary pad is 100% organic, non GMO, the top sheet is made from 100% organic Italian pure cotton. We use biodegradable components whenever it is possible.

Every woman

Perfect for every woman who wants her lady days to pass without the usual discomfort.

High quality organic remedy for your period

Take good care of your body with our organinc pain-soothing sanitary pads.

Non-psychoactive and non-addictive

Our sanitary pads do not include even the slightest trace of any psychoactive ingredients making them non-psychoactive and thus non affecting your mental process in any way.

Get through your period with ease

Get through your period with ease and without the pain. Forget about the discomfort caused by your period.

You are not only buying sanitary pads – you are buying a whole new experience!

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4.8 out of 5

A sanitary napkin infused with organic ingredients from mother nature, designed to ease the pain during your monthlies. Make your lady days better days!

How our product works

For maximal efficacy follow this simple pattern

Please apply the first pad a few hours before the beginning of your period.

Look at your period from a different perspective

Look at your period from a different perspective

Why did we do it?

We all know what women have to deal with every month, that’s why we produced our plant-based, infused with natural ingredients product, designed to take care of the discomfort during your monthly period!

Try us for a period without the usual discomfort and unrest!