Hempdamental is the result of what you get when a team of entrepreneurs combines their 15 years of experience in the Femcare and CBD industries. In times when nothing is normal, we are sure that one thing is still not normal – to feel pain…

Especially when you experience pain for a few days every month for more than 35 years on average in your life. That is why we developed the first CBD infused sanitary pad in the world.

Our pads have perfect absorption performance with 100% pure cotton top sheet from Italy, infused with high grade, organic non-GMO fully certified CBD Oil, produced in the USA.

Hempdamental will not only ease the pain for you when needed. It helps reduce skin irritation & rashes , and also helps you feel & sleep better. In general to be in a better mood during each one of “those days” every month. With Hempdamental we are not only offering you a unique product with a proven solution. We are simply offering you to feel normal when it isn’t expected of you, even from yourself.