5 Common Menstruation Myths DEBUNKED

Menstruation is a topic that everyone knows about in a certain degree. It is normal physiological process of a human body and many people who do not get period know about it. People of all sexes and genders are aware of menstruation. However, in some cultures, it is still a taboo to talk about it. Some people still feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when this topic comes up. It is a normal physiological process just like eating and sleeping yet it is sometimes still stigmatized and misleading information about menstruation still circulates on the internet and among people. This article serves to debunk some of the common myths related to menstruation. 


Myth 1: Menstruation blood is dirty 

The menstruation blood is a misleading term. Even though it is red like blood, the menstrual fluid is not composed solely of blood. Yes, it contains blood elements such as platelets, hemoglobin and iron but they are in lesser concentration compared to the blood flowing in our veins. The menstrual fluid also contains uterine lining, water, vaginal secretions and bacteria from vaginal flora. It is not dirty blood that the body is rejecting. Nor is it toxic.  


Myth 2: Women on their period are impure 

It needs to be stressed again and again that menstruation is nothing more than a normal physiological process. Getting period does not give that person black magic power. It does not make her unlucky or a bad luck. Unfortunately, there are people who still have these inaccurate opinions and believe that women on their period should not touch certain things, go to certain places or do certain things. There is nothing impure or magical about periods.  


Myth 3: You are not a woman if you do not get your period   

Not every woman gets period. There are women who do not get their period, and this does not make them less of a woman. Period does not define a woman. On the other side of the spectrum, there are females who get period but do not identify as a woman. Some transgender men get period while some transgender women do not. It is time to ditch the idea that period makes a woman a woman. Identifying oneself as a certain gender is a complex process that cannot only be based upon a biological and physiological process.     


Myth 4: You cannot do certain things while on your period 

Doing nothing on your period is fine if that is what you want. But it is not a must. You can do anything you want to do on your period. If you want to go exercise, go exercise. If you want to go running, go for a run. Taking a shower is not prohibited. It is fine to have sex (safe sex). Doing an activity on your period will not harm your uterus and will not harm somebody else. Your life does not need to be halted and paused every month. Menstruation is a part of normal life and your life continues the same on and off your period. 


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Myth 5: Women on their period do not get pregnant    

Women can get pregnant at any stage of their menstrual cycle. It is true that there is a higher probability to get pregnant during certain stages and lower probability during the others. However, it is always possible to get pregnant with differing probabilities. If you are not ready to get pregnant, use the birth control method that you normally use during all stages of the menstrual cycle. 

Period is a not subject that needs to be whispered about in dark corners. It is a normal process that many people go through, and many people know about. If you have any questions or if you want to talk about it, feel free to do so. If you encounter information that you are unsure about, there is a plenty of possibilities to fact check it. It is time to say goodbye to unfounded myths and misinformation. 

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